Laser Dentistry Solutions in Airdrie

Remove decay without sting, without drilling and without pain

Use of laser in dentistry is great as it is virtually pain free. In the interest of our patient’s best health, we now use laser for suitable treatments.

The laser energy is very precise and produces an instantaneous treatment for tissue without heating it or reaching the tooth surface. At no time, the instrument touches the tooth so it is pain free.

There are consequently no unpleasant vibrations that could create cracks in the tooth enamel. In addition, the tooth surface treated by the laser is sterilized to 0.4mm deep and has a ideal surface for adhesion of composite fillings.

Use of laser is ideal for soft tissue surgery, gums, root treatments, desensitization and bone remodeling. The main advantage for patients is the bio-stimulation which contributes to faster healing . In addition, in most cases, use of anesthesia is not necessary.

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