The idea of going to the dentist can come with varied responses from children. Depending on what they’ve experienced or heard, it may elicit joy in some or it may result in refusals and groans. However, at Sierra Springs Dental, our kid friendly dentist and skilled associates always do their best to ensure every child experiences an enjoyable visit with the best pediatric dentist. Our spa-like atmosphere along with our compassionate children’s dentist in Airdrie, contribute to an amazing dental experience every time.
For those seeking a children’s dental specialist, we offer the following services for children:

  • Routine check-ups
  • Cleanings
  • Toothaches
  • Infant Oral Health Examinations
  • Fillings for Cavities
  • Soft tissue (I.e., cheeks, gums, tongue etc) damage
  • Care for dental Injuries such as chipped, cracked teeth, etc.

There are many reasons why parents would seek the specialized care of a pediatric dental office.  One of the obvious reasons is the level of consideration a children’s dental specialist demonstrates when catering to young ones.  At Sierra Springs Dental, our pediatric dentists for kids are trained to delicately care for children and their dental needs.

The Importance of Paying a Visit to a Pediatric Dental Office

As children grow, it is important to instill common care practices for their teeth. These include brushing regularly and flossing. Incorporating mouthwash is also a good practice to implement. By encouraging your children to do these things, it lets them know how important taking care of their teeth really is. Similarly, it helps to ease them into the process of going to a pediatric dentist in Airdrie. With good dental practices introduced to children at an early age, along with the help of the best pediatric dentist, a beautiful smile will prevail.
Food items containing elevated levels of sugar such as candy, soda, cookies, and even milk, need to be consumed with precaution. After the intake of these items, it is important that teeth are properly cleaned. The inability to care for teeth especially after eating foods with high levels of sugar, can lead to unhealthy decaying teeth. A pediatric dentist in Airdrie is able to educate parents and their children on proper care initiatives. Along with a children’s dentist in Airdrie, a care regimen can be developed to ensure children are receiving the correct care for their teeth.

Children’s Dentist in Airdrie Offering Emergency Care

Even with the most specific care, situations can arise that require immediate dental attention. In the event that an emergency occurs, our kid friendly dentist is able to offer the required care. As the best pediatric dentist, our specialist has the capacity to properly examine and care for children in a manner that makes them feel less anxious. In emergency situations this is especially important as children are more fretful and unwilling to cooperate.

As the best pediatric dental specialists, we know exactly how to engage children. With the treatment options we have available, our children’s dental specialist are well-equipped to deal with a number of emergency situations. These include some of the following

  • Abscessed tooth/teeth
  • Partially dislodged tooth/teeth
  • Lost crown or filling
  • Objects stuck between the teeth

Should any of the above emergency symptoms become apparent, our pediatric dentists in Airdrie encourage you to contact our children’s dental centre. Acting quickly ensures that the issue is addressed promptly and does not lead to further complications or pain. Rest assured, our pediatric dental specialists can provide the correct treatment and care.

Sierra Springs, Proudly Offering the Best Pediatric Dentist in Airdrie

Our pediatric dental specialists are proudly accepting new patients. Should you be looking for a pediatric dentist for kids, we encourage you contact our office at: 403-945-4555. Our pediatric dental specialists are highly trained and our office provides comprehensive care to children and adults. With our comforting environment and specialized care that is tailored to each patient’s needs, we can proudly say that Sierra Springs Dental Clinic, offers the best pediatric dentist. Regardless of your dental concerns, our children’s dental specialist is able to provide the ideal treatment.