Whether you’ve just moved to a new area, would like to find a family dental center that’s closer to where you live now, or have been unhappy with the family dental services your clinic offers, it is important to find a family dental clinic that your whole family is happy with.So the search begins; it’s time to get referrals from family and friends, read reviews and possibly meet some dentists before making a final decision. But what should you look for in the family dental practice you commit to using?

The level of comfort you and your family are in when they visit the dentist should be their priority. The types of family dental services that are offered is also an important consideration; a pediatric dentist is able to execute services specific to young children, but as you age, you will also require senior dental care that a pediatric dentist can’t assist with. That being said, your family dental care center needs to be able to provide specialized dental services to each and every member of your family, whether it is regular cleanings, fillings, crowns or dentures.

The Airdrie family dentists of Sierra Springs dental clinic put your family’s overall health and comfort at the top of our priority list. We ensure that each visit is as stress-free as the last by providing a clean, safe and welcoming atmosphere, designed to make you feel right at home.

Your Airdrie Family Dentist Search Ends Here

There’s certainly no shortage of Airdrie family dentists, but at Sierra Springs, our priority is preventative care to ensure our patients have great overall health.

Through regular checkups, our team can assist your family in having healthy mouths that can lower their overall risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, various forms of cancer, and more. We also take pride in providing a spa-like atmosphere when you’re with us and truly listening to our patients. Our compassionate and caring staff put your needs first and would like you to be as comfortable as possible while you’re here, and as happy as possible when you leave.

The services and care that our family dental clinic offers to each member of your family are unsurpassed.


Taking Care of a Child’s Mouth, Even if it’s Toothless

Your baby’s teeth may start to appear when they’re 3-4 months old, but our pediatric dentists recommend letting us take care of your baby’s mouth even before his or her first tooth is exposed. By the time your child is 3 years old, all twenty baby teeth will show. Our Airdrie family dentists can’t stress how vital it is to have baby teeth taken care of; they are the foundation for a healthy mouth and beautiful smile, but also allow your child to chew and talk properly.

Our family dental center expresses the importance of good oral hygiene when our patients are young. Creating these good habits at a young age will make it easier to continue them as they get older, which will prevent many diseases and lead to a more vibrant smile.


Overbites, Cavities and Crooked Teeth – Oh My!

As children get older, out go the baby teeth and in come adult teeth – but it isn’t typical for it to happen perfectly.

At the Sierra Springs family dental clinic, we specialize in services your child and teen may require. For example, we may recommend braces if there are crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw, which will assist in preventing overall tooth damage. If cavities are discovered, your Airdrie family dentist at Sierra Springs is happy to offer tooth-coloured fillings.

Adult & Senior Dental Care

The Sierra Springs family dental office specializes in services that adults and seniors typically want or need. This includes fluoride whitening treatment, oral cancer screening, root canals, wisdom teeth extraction, crowns, dentures and much more.


Handling Dental Emergencies without Dialing 9-1-1

Life happens! Our family dental office has seen its fair share of dental emergencies, including chipped or cracked teeth, lost fillings, intolerable toothaches and dislodged teeth. The Sierra Springs family dental practice ensures dental emergencies are taken care of as soon as possible. Whether your husband lost a tooth playing hockey or your daughter cracked her tooth accidentally chewing an olive pit, your Airdrie family dentist will fix the issue in a prompt manner.

We Look Forward to Hearing from You!

If you’re in the hunt for an Airdrie family dentist, our experienced, compassionate team at Sierra Springs is your solution.

Not only will you be surprised by how calm and comfortable you feel when you’re at our family dental center, but you will quickly realize that we treat each individual patient with care and provide a wide range of services for your whole family.

For more information about Sierra Springs or to schedule an appointment, call us at 403-945-4555 or complete our online contact form.

Your Airdrie family dentist is waiting for you at Sierra Springs – and we’re happy to create beautiful smiles and healthy people, one mouth at a time.