For those who remember the medieval dental office environment complete with chemical smelling reception areas, torture chamber looking treatment rooms, and the never-ending whine of the dentist’s drill, it may be hard to imagine what a different world awaits you here at Sierra Springs Dental. Unlike the typical harsh feel and smell of most dental offices, our practice has tried to create an ambiance reminiscent of a spa at fine upscale resort.

Why a Dental Spa?

We’ve found that massages directly related to a patient’s dental treatment and other spa touches actually have the effect of reducing the amount of anxiety and anesthetic typically present in a dental visit. We are not alone in this finding. Studies published in dental journals such as the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) confirm the benefits of massage and other spa amenities in the dental office. As a result of using massage therapy and other spa features during dental treatment, findings show patients have a more positive response to treatment, and pre-sedations and sedations are reduced dramatically. Patients who are relaxed have quicker recovery times as well. Aromatherapy can also have calming properties and can refresh patients after dental treatment. Establishing a relaxed atmosphere, communicating in a soft voice and using a gentle touch go a long way toward helping patients relax.

Sierra Springs Dental we are committed to the goal of making your next dental health experience a stress-free, restful, and yes, even enjoyable. So book your appointment today for professional dental help in Airdrie, Alberta.